edifyHEALTH is not an app. It is a place, a platform where payors and app developers alike learn whether and how well an app works to improve the health of a population and reduce the cost of healthcare. Edify shows who is helped and why. We make continuous improvement possible. No other platform can edify health like this one. 


Outcomes become predictable. Health outcomes addressed by apps are vulnerable to changes by software developers, device manufacturers, Internet service providers, and consumer choice. No single entity is accountable.   edifyHEALTH makes it possible for willing app developers to provide ‘accountable’, stable, value-based care.

“The push to move the mHealth app world forward may be in the power of consumers to clamor for health and wellness apps that are safe, reliable and trustworthy, developed by companies who are not just those looking to “get rich quick.” -Joe Kvedar, MD




“A process, private certification or evaluation platform is needed to sort through the huge amount of mobile health apps that won’t be subject to FDA approval.” -AMA Council on Science and Public Health.


transitive verb


to build up, improve, or enlighten through instruction or by example.

“… the point is simply this: process measures lead us to believe that mHealth interventions should be improving population health outcomes, but until we measure them directly we don’t actually know.” -Nadim Mahmud


We leverage data to make health outcomes from apps predictable and improvable.

Why You Need Us

Think about this.  Unless a wellness or behavior change app has a therapeutic objective of interest to both the consumer and the healthcare provider, it is pretending to be a therapy. If an app is to be a therapy, a therapeutic objective must be measured. But, unlike the stable chemistry of a pill, the ‘chemistry’ of an app is the user’s experience (UX). This presents a fundamental problem because UX is affected dynamically by rapidly changing digital technology, the latest software update to the app or the operating system of the user’s device, or the phone choice or other circumstances of the patient.  As a consequence, health outcomes advanced by apps are vulnerable to changes for which no single entity is accountable.   edifyHEALTH solves this problem in a transparent way. Wellness apps become trustworthy therapy and outcomes become predictable.

Whether you are a payor, provider, employer, app developer, or consumer, you need to know whether an app continues to be worth the investment.  An RCT (Randomized Controlled Trial) cannot answer that question.  We do.

About edifyHEALTH

The principles that underlie edifyHEALTH have been evolving since 1993 when the worldwide web was born and we began to use the Internet to gather people with common interests into support groups. We realized early that the web was an engaging place. But could it be used to change behavior?

Since that time many studies have shown that software has the potential to help consumers adopt healthful behaviors.   Of course, all of those studies have been based on experiments where the researcher controlled the device, the software, the Internet connection, and even the app user, as if an app were a pill that would never be altered once proven effective.

Then in 2005, Apple gave birth to the mobile app and, as if overnight, wellness and behavior change apps are everywhere.  But are they effective from day to day? How is quality defined and controlled? Suddenly costly experiments with digital apps seem of little value. Apps, it turns out, are not like pills. The technology that empowers apps changes in near real time. Traditional, chemistry driven experiments cannot accommodate.

The founders of edifyHEALTH realized that digital therapeutics, particularly those that address behavior, are effectively perpetual longitudinal quasi-experiments. We know that is a mouthful. The important point is that the digital product (aka the app) and the experiment are one and the same. We just have to look at different data.

edifyHEALTH uses a patent pending method to monitor the therapeutic objective of each app on the edifyHEALTH platform and all of the user data that flows through each. We apply proprietary algorithms that allow us to “see” when something happens that affects the targeted health outcome of any population or sub-population of users. The result: We provide our customers (e.g. health plans, self-funded employers, beneficiary trusts, app developers, etc.) with the insights they require in order to maintain or improve the outcomes effectiveness and cost effectiveness of the apps that they offer, pay for, recommend or prescribe to consumers and patients.

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